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        Power Transformer

        Rectifier Transformer

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        • Time: 2020-06-03
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        They are widely used in electrolysis, electrochemical , driving, traction , static de-dusting ,DC power transmission fields where rectification power source is necessary . A rectiformer is used for power supply of rectifying devices , most industrial DC power sources is transformed from an AC network via rectifying devices consisting of a rectiformer and a rectify. It is widely used in electrolysis , electrochemical , traction , driving ,DC transmission , frequency conversion and rectified power source fields. According to user’s requirements , the secondary winding phase difference can be designed to? 30 ,15 ,7.5, for rectification of? 6-phase, 12-phase,24-phase and –phase.
        Reliable Structure
        Rectifier transformers are combined with a diode or thyristor rectifier. The applications range from very large aluminum electrolysis to various small and medium size operations. The transformers may have a built-in or separate voltage regulation unit for direct output regulation of diode rectifiers , and correspondingly a power factor improvement with a thyristor rectifiers.

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