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        Surge Arrester

        GIS With Tank metal Oxide Surge Arrester

        • Product ID:Surge Arrester
        • Skype:richtang731
        • Phone: 18900751339
        • Tel: 0731-85499326
        • Email: sales@hncmec.com
        • Time: 2020-06-04
        • 咨詢

        Product name:
        (belongs to class surge arresters)

        Product summary:
        With 96 ~ 444kV GIS arrester, and sulfur hexafluoride gas insulation, internal metal oxide varistor as the main components.
        Metal oxide varistor has excellent non-linear voltage characteristics and steep wave response characteristics. Mainly used to protect the power system electrical equipment from overvoltage damage.

        Product feature:
        GIS surge arresters have the merits such as superior protective performance,advanced technical performance, high reliability,little amount of maintenance work and convenient installation.
        Their excellent response characteristics to steep wave,especially the low residual voltage at steep wave caused by GIS surge arrester will greatly benefit the protection for GIS equipment which has a flat voltage-current characteristic.


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